Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Telehealth physical therapy and fitness services and how can they help me?

    • Telehealth utilizes technology to connect patients and practitioners to make more convenient, accessible, and efficient platform to educate and workout in the comfort of your own home.​​

  2. Why is telehealth and online coaching right for me?

    • We all are busy​, and having a work-life balance is so important. Why should you have to drive to another Doctor's office when you can workout and receive the 1-on-1 services you want in your home with limited equipment necessary to see results​​​​?

  3. Do I have to live in a certain location to obtain Telehealth physical therapy services? ​

    • ​At this time to obtain Physical Therapy services you must be physically located in Arizona, New York, Massachusetts, or Washington state, but please inquire to learn more. 

    • If you are obtaining personal training or wellness services you may reside anywhere in the United States. Inquire below if you have any questions.​

  4. Does Pacer Physical Therapy accept insurance?

    • Pacer PT is out of network with most insurances. It is as cost-effective as paying a copay or deductible. 

    • Out-of-network services remove the limitations that may be issued by insurance companies on the amount of visits you have available before you are no longer eligible to continue. We take the middle man out of patient care!

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