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Dr. Juliana's fitness classes are amazing! She is both motivational and encouraging. Her knowledge of exercise and fitness is evident from the carefully planned structure of the workouts. She always gives alternative exercise modifications if needed, making her classes for all levels. The virtual HIIT and yoga classes were just what I needed while the gyms were closed; weekly classes kept me accountable especially when I was unmotivated to workout on my own.

Dr. Juliana has a knack for bringing people together and forming a community around a healthy activity. 

Erica, Group Fitness Member

Practising Yoga

I have been working with Dr. Jules for almost 4 months now and I have had nothing but the most amazing experience with her as my personal trainer. Jules not only knows how to be a great teacher and mentor with personal training, but also anatomically and physiologically understands what goes on in the body, which always leaves me feeling like I had a safe and effective workout! What really sticks out me the most with Dr Jules is that she is extremely motivational and has NEVER EVER let me give up when I am feeling discouraged about a workout. Dr Jules is the only personal trainer who I have ever had to have actually pushed me, be by my side, and to make me believe in “trusting the process”. She makes sure that my questions are answered, even if I don’t ask any and seem hesitant about something. My upper and lower body have become a lot stronger since we started working together back in late October.I believe that Dr Jules is a great option for you for any PT, postpartum, personal training needs, etc because she is not only a great coach, clinician, and teacher...but she is also a friend for life and I know I can always count on her! Thank you Dr. Jules!!

Andrew, Personal Training Client