Strong Stroller Mamas Boston

A New Kind of Postpartum Fitness

Combining traditional exercise, mindfulness, and deep dives into everyday tasks that will help you embrace movement again without fear, doubt, or injury
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Do you feel like... 


  • Your insides are jello and not sure how to safely resume exercise? 
  • You aren't sure how to start moving again post-baby?
  • You tried exercising and things didn't feel right (hello leaking!)?


No matter your situation - WE got YOU!

Classes will focus on...

  • Exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor, glutes, core, & more
  • Deep restorative breathing techniques that engage your pelvic floor muscles 
  • Movement sequences that progressively challenge the body and reconnect to your core  
  • How to use your everyday activities (like lifting and carrying baby or getting up from the floor) as a mindful practice to prepare your body for the gym  

Upcoming Classes & Locations


Sunday, January 23 at Marathon Sports (671 Boylston Street, Boston)at 9:30 am

Friday, February 25 at Athleta (Newbury Street, Boston) at 8:30 am

Saturday, March 26 at Athleta at 8:30 am

Meet your Team

Dr. Juliana Galante

Dr. Juliana (Jules) is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, postpartum corrective exercise specialist, and run coach. She has a passion for working with all women pregnant and postpartum, specializing in return to run & exercise programming! She is the owner of Pacer Physical Therapy.

Dana Solomon

Dana is a pelvic health occupational therapist, yoga teacher, and owner of Functional Wellness. She specializes in supporting women throughout pregnancy and postpartum - helping them overcome taboo and not so taboo issues - allowing them to feel confident, connected, and strong in their bodies. 

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Strong Stroller Mamas Individual Class Pass

This pass can be purchased and used at any of our classes in any location. Please provide a receipt when you come to the class and we will redeem the offer for you. We look forward to moving with you!

$12.00 USD

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Strong Stroller Mamas 3 Class Pass

This 3-class pass can be used at any of the indoor classes that we will hold throughout Boston! Please provide a receipt when you come to class and we will keep track of your classes. We are excited to have you in multiple classes and we look forward to empowering you to move post-baby and meet your goals!

$30.00 USD

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Babies and Toddlers Welcome!