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Fall 2022:

Return to Sport 

Bridging the gap between your 6- week check up and returning to your favorite exercise. Build strength and endurance to prepare your body for the movements you've always loved!


4-Week Program:

Return to Yoga: 9/13

Building up to progressions for push-ups that are involved in a typical flow/heated flow yoga class 


Return to Spin: 9/20

Glute and hamstring strength required to get out of saddle during your Peloton rides + pelvic floor stretches/relaxation for after your rides


Return to Run: 9/27

Single leg dynamic strengthening and high impact training to get your ready to run with confidence or for your HIIT workouts


Return to Lift: 10/3 (at 665 Boylston Street)

Body mechanics and strength for the big 3 - deadlift, back squat, bench press  

*Note location may change for this specific class for access to gym equipment. 

Location for Yoga, Spin, and Run: Titus Sparrow Park (75 W Rutland Square, South End, Boston)


We break down the mechanics to help you build your strength and confidence to get back to the sports & exercise you love

What is Return to Sport:

  • A 4-week program has been specifically curated for those who are at least 12 weeks postpartum, ready to take the next step into returning to their favorite forms of exercise but want to ensure they're doing it right and avoiding injury

  • Each class has an overarching theme, but it’s a workout and can apply to other forms of exercise as well. So if you’re a half marathoner, that doesn’t mean the spin, lift, or yoga focused class won’t also help build you back to even better running form. 
  • All Strong Stroller Mama classes are baby friendly! However, while Strong Stroller Mama classes really hones in on utilizing baby/stroller to build strength and return to movement, the focus on return to sport is on you and your fitness goals.

Expect education, movement, and Q&A

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Meet your Team

Dr. Juliana Galante

Dr. Juliana (Jules) is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, postpartum corrective exercise specialist, and run coach. She has a passion for working with all women pregnant and postpartum, specializing in return to run & exercise programming! She is the owner of Pacer Physical Therapy.

Dana Solomon

Dana is a pelvic health occupational therapist, yoga teacher, and owner of Functional Wellness. She specializes in supporting women throughout pregnancy and postpartum - helping them overcome taboo and not so taboo issues - allowing them to feel confident, connected, and strong in their bodies. 

Babies and Toddlers are Welcome!