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"After 3 C-sections and a weak core, I slipped a disc in my back. After having little success with a hospital-based PT, I sought out a pelvic floor/women's heath PT specialist and came upon Dr. Juliana in the Back Bay who had rave reviews. I have been seeing her for 1-2 times a week and her care is superlative and I have had significant improvements with my back and core. She listens carefully, is very compassionate and extremely knowledgeable!"


"Juliana is an absolutely fantastic physical therapist and has helped me over the last 12 months recover from 3 major knee surgeries. I had to learn to walk, bend my knees, walk down stairs etc. and she helped me through all of it. Knowing exactly where to push me and how to keep it interesting with exercises so that I could still get some real exercise while recovering (which was incredibly important to me). She is thoughtful and listens exceptionally well, designing a program that works specifically for you and your lifestyle. She pushes me to set realistic goals and will ensure I reached all of them. On top of this her knowledge is outstanding and she simply cares about the people she works with!”


" Before working with Dr. Jules, I was not so interested in strength training. I was always hesitant to work with a trainer because I had a bad experience years prior with someone getting me to be very bulky and I didn’t feel good. 

I found Dr. Jules and it changed my whole perspective. Dr. Jules motivated me and pushed me exactly how I needed. She taught me about my body and made me want to take better care of my body. She listened to my needs, but always inspired me to do more and get me past my comfort zone.  Dr. Jules made training fun and helped me tone my body without ever feeling bulky or big.  I learned how to work out in a safe way and the best way for my body. It is a pleasure working with her."


Virtual Coaching Client

" I worked with Juliana as my personal trainer remotely for 9 months and can only SO highly recommend her! I was initially a bit skeptical of the idea of a remote trainer but was completely convinced after 1 video assessment session where she accurately pinpointed several old injuries/weak points- she seriously knows her stuff!

In all, I was extremely happy with the results I got working with Juliana. She helped me not only reach, but exceed my fitness goals and I am as fit as I have ever been in my life!" 


Virtual Physical Therapy Client

"Where do I even begin? Dr. Jules is extremely knowledgeable and motivating. She takes the time to understand your injury and persistently checks in to make sure you are recovering while also safely challenging you to try new movements. I went from wearing a knee brace while walking around the house to challenging myself with weighted squats and lunges. Dr. Jules helped me get back to feeling confident in my movements, and I would highly recommend her to others!”


Virtual Return to Run Postpartum Client

"100/10 would recommend Dr. Jules to anyone working on getting back to full strength in a healthy and safe way! Previously to my c-section I was an avid runner and even competed at higher levels - but during my pregnancy I was unable to run. So when I had my daughter and I tried to figure out how to start up again.. it was a total disaster! Enter Dr. Jules - she gave me the confidence to lift and eventually run. She was thorough and straightforward about my weaknesses and it was exactly what I needed. I can’t thank her enough. " 


Physical Therapy Client

“Juliana is truly the best PT I've ever had (and I've had a lot as a former college athlete!). She's kind, extremely knowledgeable and very effective. I came to Juliana with two injuries after trying a few other PTs. She was very patient in assessing and diagnosing my injuries, and uncovered some underlying systematic issues that were causing repeat injuries. She pushed me when I needed to be pushed (never beyond my comfort zone), and thanks to her I am fully recovered, in less pain than I have been for years, and have a plan to prevent future injuries.”


Virtual Running Program Client 

"Working with Dr. Jules is a fun and professional experience. As a physical therapist myself, Dr. Jules is who I go to for advice, especially for all things relating to running and my running goals. Dr. Jules comes with years of experience competing and you can tell she goes above and beyond to further her education and personalizes each experience she provides to her clients and patients. She not only helps you heal, recover, and perform, but Dr. Jules also becomes your number one supporter on your journey. I am happy to have her in my corner." 


Running Program Client 

"From day 1, Dr. Jules said “we are going to do this together.” She built an entire program from couch to marathon in just 10 weeks. This included daily runs, strength and conditioning programs, and one long run weekly that would increase by 10% each week. Dr. Jules would be along side me every step of the way motivating me to do better. Her energy and drive always pushed me to keep going. I honestly could say I would not have been able to run my first marathon without her. She was an amazing mentor and trainer throughout my first marathon journey."

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