Do you want a step-by-step approach to return to exercise postpartum?

Become an Unstoppable Momma

Building you a strong foundation so you can recover, rehab, and strengthen your body and return to doing the activities you love! Whether you are newly postpartum or 2 years postpartum, you can become a Movin' Mom.

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A Step-by-Step Approach

Created by Dr. Juliana Galante, a specialist in women's health physical therapy and returning moms back to running & exercise. 

We'll build the foundation and strength for you to recover the right way for your body. Whether you were active during your pregnancy or unable to work out, we will meet you where you are and help you meet your goals!

Join the Movin' Moms to learn how to reconnect to your body and confidently progress through exercises, so you can be active with your family.

Join the Movin' Moms

Imagine after your 6-week follow up...

  • You knew exactly how and what to do to return to exercise after having a baby
  • You could carry your baby without having to worry about leakage or pain
  • You felt confident to modify exercises for your body while you heal
  • Your knew you were returning to exercise or running safely and with minimal pain

What can you expect from the Movin' Mom Program?


This program is split into 4 training cycles:

Weeks 1-2: Foundation Building

Restore your breathing and learn how to strengthen your pelvic floor and core. Obtain education on the normal postural changes and physiological changes that occur from a pregnancy and how to recover so you can prevent injury.

Weeks 3-6: Activation

Improve coordination of the muscles around your pelvis, back, and core. Learn how to individually improve muscle activation so you can move better for your body, making your workouts and daily activities feel easier.

Weeks 7-10: Practicing Consistency

Develop strategies and habits to make exercise part of your routine. Learn how to ease back into running so you can return to higher impact activities PAIN-FREE.

Weeks 11-12: Strong & Fit Mom

Build up your total body strength so you can crush your goals, so you can be an unstoppable mom! 

Goal Setting:

At the beginning of the program, we will establish short and long-term fitness.

Each month we will continue to review those goals to adjust and change them as you progress. This program offers more than just an exercise plan, it will help you build lifetime health habits.

Accountability and Mindset:

Join with a small group of 5 moms or less, and help keep each other accountable by communicating in our private Facebook group and with the instructor, Juliana. 

Join our monthly challenges to help you get to do the activity you love again. 


Limited Equipment Required:  

These virtual classes only require a yoga mat and space to move. 

Recommended (but not required) equipment: yoga block, foam roller, looped resistance bands, long exercise bands, dumbbells, and kettlebells. 


Movin' Moms means Community!  

Become a Movin' Mom and have a community that will help you stay accountable, encourage you, and push you to stay active! We keep our groups small so you can meet other amazing moms and work together to meet your individual goals. 

Proven Results by Women just like you! 



"Dr. Juliana was so helpful in getting me back into exercise postpartum. She was very knowledgeable about making sure my body was healed enough for the exercises I was wanting to do. She listened to my specific goals and past workout routine to find progressions to return to that level safely. We did all of this virtually, so I would recommend her to anyone anywhere."


"Juliana helped me return to running efficiently and SAFELY after having my first child. Postpartum recovery can include discussion on the intimate and unpleasant topics of motherhood; however, Juliana's caring and professional demeanor made these topics easy to discuss. After frequent check-ins to adjust my program, I successfully returned to running without injury. Juliana's impressive competency in physical therapy, and frequent reminders to take my time, helped this restless mama get back into a routine and back into shape. I couldn't recommend Pacer PT enough for anyone in need of rehabilitation, especially for moms going through their postpartum journey."


"Juliana is the absolute best! I began working with her about 4 months postpartum and she has made such a difference in my recovery. She individualized every session to suit my needs and helped me meet my monthly goals. She is motivating, encouraging, and truly caring. Your progress is her progress and she is very invested in making sure you feel your absolute best. Not only is she wonderful at what she does, she's a great person. I would recommend Juliana to anyone looking to achieve their personal fitness goals. She is a lifesaver!"


"A traumatic delivery of twins left me bed bound for weeks with the slowest progress to even be able to shower, get out of a chair or walk on my own. My heart could barely contain the disappointment that my body had betrayed me in this way. At my 6 week appointment, which I attended in a wheelchair, my doctor had little advice other than to start PT “when I felt ready.” I reached out to Juliana that same day. She met me where I was at; saving my sanity by giving me realistic and intentional work to reconnect to my recovering body. I worked with her 1:1 until she proposed her Movin' Moms group. In our classes, we pushed our minds and bodies towards our goals. I was instantly seeing progress. I stopped leaking, my back stopped hurting, I could get off the ground while holding my babies. We aren’t even finished with the full program and I have crushed my short-term goals and am close to my long term."

Not sure if you can commit the time? 

Follow along with these short videos that can fit into an unpredictable day. Learn the WHY behind various exercises and how they can benefit your postpartum body. 

Get an effective workout in 15 minutes or less daily! 

Obtain Self-Guided Access

"The Movin' Mom program gave me education, a genuine support system, and an appropriate increase in exercise difficulty where I was always challenged but never overtraining. I cannot recommend Juliana enough and would in fact require that every mom take her class. Join this community! Work on healing your body and your heart, as I am. You will never regret spending this money on yourself."

Full Access Membership

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  • 12- week Program broken into 4 training cycles 
  • Virtual LIVE group workout classes
  • Individual Goal Setting and Planning 
  • Individual Home Recovery Program
  • Private Facebook group for accountability 
  • Bonus: Strategies to help carry and lift baby
  • Bonus: Return to Running Screen
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Full Access Membership

3 Monthly Payments of 394

Most Popular

  • 12- week Program broken into 4 training cycles 
  • Virtual LIVE group workout classes
  • Individual Goal Setting and Planning 
  • Individual Home Recovery Program
  • Private Facebook group for accountability 
  • Bonus:  Strategies to help carry and lift baby
  • Bonus: Return to Running Screen
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Self-Guided Access

3 Monthly Payments of 197

  • 12- week Program broken into 4 training cycles 
  • Workout and educational videos to follow and perform on your own 
  • Private Facebook group for accountability
  • Bonus: Strategies to help carry and lift baby
  • Bonus: Return to Running Self Assessment 
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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you are not completely satisfied with the teaching style or online program approach, we will issue you a full refund of your purchase price up to 30 days from purchase.