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Dr. Juliana Galante

Doctor of Physical Therapy,

Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist 

Strength & Conditioning Specialist 

Hi, I am Dr. Juliana (Jules) and I am the founder of Pacer Physical Therapy. I am a board certified Doctor of Physical Therapy licensed to practice in Massachusetts, New York, Arizona, and Washington state. 

My mission is to encourage, empower, and motivate you to achieve your next running goal. 

As a former Division 1 Track & Field Athlete and avid runner, I know what it takes to be physically and mentally ready to take on my next race.

I have a passion for working with runners; those with running related injuries, and women who recently delivered a baby and want to get back into working out or running safely.

As someone who experienced injuries during my time as a collegiate athlete, I understand the struggles you are facing while returning back to running. I have helped many clients get back on track after an injury and that is why I am here to help you.

With my expertise in running programming, orthopedic and sport rehabilitation, and postpartum recovery, I am here to be your number one fan helping you to achieve your goals! 

I believe having a family, work-life balance, and exercise can all be possible. 

Let's cross your next finish line together!

Women Running Outdoors

" From day 1, Dr. Jules said “we are going to do this together.” She built an entire program from couch to marathon in just 10 weeks. This included daily runs, strength and conditioning programs, and one long run weekly that would increase by 10% each week.

Dr. Jules would be along side me every step of the way motivating me to do better. Her energy and drive always pushed me to keep going. I honestly could say I would not have been able to run my first marathon without her. She was an amazing mentor and trainer throughout my first marathon journey."


Nikki, Running Program Client