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  • Customized Running Programming 

  • Running Gait Analysis

  • Strength Training & Exercise Programming

  • Personal Training 

  • Strength4Runners Monthly Membership

  • Strength Training & Stretching while Pregnant

  • Movin' Mom Membership


  • Return to Running  Programming


  • Return to Exercise Assessment

Physical Therapy Session
  • Virtual Assessments and Treatments 

  • In-Home Assessment and Treatment 


  • Home Recovery Programs

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Dr. Juliana Galante

Doctor of Physical Therapy,

Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist 

Strength & Conditioning Specialist 

Dr. Juliana (Jules) is the founder of Pacer Physical Therapy. Jules is a board certified Doctor of Physical Therapy licensed to practice in Massachusetts, New York, Arizona, and Washington state. 

Jules has a passion for working with ALL women, especially those returning to exercise postpartum, women who need support during their pregnancies, and with ALL runners with running related injuries or with running programming.

As someone who experienced injuries throughout her life from sports, Jules understands the struggles both mentally and physically that you may experience as you return to running or exercise.

Jules has helped many women feel fit and strong after a pregnancy or injury and that is why she is here to help you.

With Jules expertise in postpartum rehab, running programming, and orthopedic and sport rehabilitation, Jules is here to be your number one fan helping you achieve your goals! 

Jules believes having a family, work-life balance, and exercise can all be possible. 

Let's get STRONG together!

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"100/10 would recommend Dr. Jules to anyone working on getting back to full strength in a healthy and safe way! Previously to my c-section I was an avid runner and even competed at higher levels - but during my pregnancy I was unable to run. So when I had my daughter and I tried to figure out how to start up again.. it was a total disaster! Enter Dr. Jules - she gave me the confidence to lift and eventually run. She was thorough and straightforward about my weaknesses and it was exactly what I needed. I can’t thank her enough. " 

Tiffany, Postpartum Return to Run Client