Optimizing Prenatal and Postnatal recovery through education, exercise, and healthy habits so you can feel strong and confident in movement

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We Make it Simple! 

  • Guiding you through postural changes that occur during pregnancy and how to get strong through rehabilitation
  • Giving you convenience and scheduled time to workout to help keep you accountable
  • Providing you support and expertise to return to exercise safely‚Äč


Book a complimentary discovery call!  GET REAL answers to your personal questions and address your concerns and doubts with Dr. Juliana, pelvic health & orthopedic specialist. We will help reclaim your fitness at your own pace so you can take on parenthood!

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Virtual or In-Clinic Return to Exercise Screen

  • Not sure how to get back to exercise? Or when may be a good time to start? 
  • This personalized movement and strength assessment will help you get back to exercise confidently and at the right pace for your body
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Movin' Mom Postpartum Program

  • Build a strong foundation and learn how to connect to your core and pelvic floor again post-baby
  • Return to exercise with confidence postpartum 
  • Join the online community of other moms keeping you motivated and accountable
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Physical Therapy  

  • Are you experiencing pain, leakage, or having trouble working out during your pregnancy or postpartum?
  • Obtain Virtual or in- clinic (665 Boylston St Boston) Physical therapy to support you during your pregnancy including support in exercising or in pain-management
  • Obtain Virtual or in-clinic physical therapy postpartum
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What People Are Saying

" 100/10 would recommend Dr. Jules to anyone working on getting back to full strength in a healthy and safe way! Previously to my c-section I was an avid runner and even competed at higher levels - but during my pregnancy I was unable to run. So when I had my daughter and I tried to figure out how to start up again.. it was a total disaster! Enter Dr. Jules - she gave me the confidence to lift and eventually run. She was thorough and straightforward about my weaknesses and it was exactly what I needed. I can’t thank her enough. " 

Tiffany, Return to Run Client

"Dr. Jules at Pacer PT helped me return to running efficiently and SAFELY after having my first child. Postpartum recovery can sometimes include discussion on the intimate and unpleasant topics of motherhood; however, Dr. Jules' extremely caring and professional demeanor made these uncomfortable topics very easy to discuss. After frequent check ins to adjust my program as needed, I was able to successfully return to running without injury. Dr. Jules' impressive competency in physical therapy, and frequent reminders to take my time, helped this restless mama get back into a routine and back into shape. I couldn't recommend Pacer PT enough for anyone in need of rehabilitation, especially for moms going through their postpartum journey!" 

Rachel, Return to Run Client

"Dr. Jules was so helpful in getting me back into exercise postpartum. She was very knowledgeable about making sure my body was healed enough for the exercises I was wanting to do. She listened to my specific goals and past workout routines to find progressions to return to that level safely. We did all of this virtually so I would recommend her to anyone anywhere!”

Brittney, Return to Exercise Client